There is nothing better than a DJ jammin’ on stage together with professional artists! You can expect exhilarating vocals, energetic saxophone sounds and groovy percussion. Let’s get this party started!

Mark LaRocca PERFORMED ON stage WITH renowned live artists such as:

Ace on Sax (Hed Kandi), Glenn Helder (drums), Norman Soares (percussion), Lex Empress (vocals/mc), Bizzey (mc), Lady Rio (vocals/mc), Stanley Medema (sax), Jo Groove (percussion), Haits (mc), I-Fan (vocals/mc), Local Hero (sax), Costar (sax).

I love to play alongside
live-acts 🎷

Mark LaRocca Liveshow

Check out me playing at De Fabrique, Maarssen (NL) together on stage with Glenn Helder on drums, I-Fan on vocals/mc and Tim Wes on saxophone.

Live housebeats! 🎹

Get ready for your daily dosis of housemusic. Put on you headphones and turn up the volume!

Mark LaRocca is a passionate housemusic DJ and Producer originating from The Netherlands.


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